Orientation to religious leaders to check child marriage

Orientation to religious leaders has gained momentum as a strategy to reduce child marriage in Tulsipur, Dang.

The Women, Children and Social Development Section of Tulsipur Sub-metropolis has initiated sensitizing religious leaders, faith healers and priests to prevent child marriage in local community.

Such orientation would be organized in all 19 wards of the sub-metropolis, it is informed.

Religious leaders and faith healers would be sensitized in 10 wards while rally would be taken out in remaining wards of Tulsipur.

“Child marriage has not come under control”, said assistant women development inspector Pushpa Sharma, adding, “We have, therefore, placed this campaign to address the growing social problems such as child marriage”.

Marriages are mostly mediated by religious leaders, priests and faith healers of Tharu community here, she said, sensitization programme has been designed focusing the target groups to control under-age marriage.

As part of this campaign, the Tulsipur-based Kalika Temple and Krishna Tempe decided to proceed with marital works only after observing the citizenship certificates.
Right activist Nawaraj Lamichhane said, “The priests and ritual facilitators should check the citizenship cards of the concerned people in the wedding ceremony held in the temples and villages”.

“The ritual facilitators (Pundit) would also face legal action for child marriage. So, they should also be aware of this legal arrangement”. He added. “Child marriage would come down when religious leaders and facilitators remained sensitized”.

The orientations are taking place under the aegis of concerned wards in coordination with UNICEF. Four wards of Tulsipur sub-metropolis have been already declared the child friendly wards. (RSS)