Orphans Get Social Security Allowance

Banepa Municipality in Kavre district has launched a protection programme for the orphans under the age of 18 years.
Under the scheme, a total of 12 children without their parents are given social security allowance on monthly basis as part of the joint effort of Banepa Municipality and Bagmati Province Government.
Mayor of Banepa Laxmi Narsingh Bade said that each one has been given Rs 3,000 per month for the support of their education and health care.
Member of Policy and Planning Commission of Bagmati Province Yamuna Kandel stated that social security allowance distribution scheme was initiated under the child protection programme. She said that operation of this programme has witnessed challenges for lack of accurate data about such children in other local governments in the Bagmati Province.
“We are thinking to bring such children on board by running programmes after collecting data from the ward-level after coordinating with the local levels in coming days,” she shared.
She also pledged the supports from the local and province governments to such children.

Source : RSS,