Over 100 Firms Face Action

The Department of Commerce, Supply and Consumers’ Rights Protection has taken action against 109 firms for violating the rule. The Department took action to the firms reasoning they indulged in the wrong business.

During the market monitoring including in the Kathmandu Valley, the Department collected more than Rs 1.3 million in revenue, according to Information Officer Shivaraj Sedhai. The monitoring was conducted in 351 firms of 28 sectors in a month. Among them, 168 were directed for immediate reform while the date-expired goods of huge amounts were also destroyed. Sixty-six firms were sought clarification, and samples collected from six firms.

During the monitoring conducted for a month, the action was taken mostly against food outlets. With the fine slapped on twenty-seven food outlets out of a total 106, the revenue of Rs. 4.4 million was collected. The food outlets were found engaged in unfair trade.

The shops of egg, feed, and cosmetics; grocery, feed industry, department stores, liquor shop, mart, and pharmacy were monitored. The monitoring team recorded the problems as exorbitant price, artificial shortage and black-marketing, and sale of date-expired goods.

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