Over 150 Houses In Bajura At Risk Of Dry Landslide

A dry landslide has continued to fall at Swamikartik Rural Municipality-1 at east northern belt in Bajura district, putting over 150 houses at risk of being washed away. The landslip at the lower part of Runi village and near Chhuddari village has caused risks of the Karnali river being blocked, said the local residents.

The landslide has continued to fall for the past two days, said Laxman Joshi, job coordinator of Jagannath Rural Municipality.

As a result, the areas around Juddi are at a risk of being swept away, he said.

Similarly, over 150 houses at Runi village are also at risk, said a local resident Nanda Bahadur Khatri.

The office of Jagannath Rural Municipality and a police office at the area would be damaged if the river is blocked by the landslip, said Joshi.

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