PABSON Extends Financial Aid To Infected Education Workers

The Bhaktapur chapter of Private and Boarding Schools Organization Nepal (PABSON) has kicked off a ‘COVID-10 financial assistance and doorstep health service’ campaign after the rise of coronavirus infection among schools’ principals, founders, teachers, employees, students and guardians.

PANSON Bhaktapur chapter has established a ‘COVID-19 relief fund’ to channelize financial support to the coronavirus infected principals, founding members, teachers and employees associated to PABSON.

The PABSON COVID Relief Fund operation committee was formed under the coordination of senior vice-chairperson of PABSON Bhaktapur, Surendra Shrestha.

According to PABSON Bhaktapur chair Chandra Adhiakri, the organization in the first phase has aided financial support to founding principals, teachers and employees of the PABSON member schools who are being treated at ICU, ventilator and other units.

The campaign has also been helping the coronavirus infected education workers in identifying and managing hospital beds, oxygen, plasma medicines and ambulances.

Adhikari further informed that a total of 123 principals, teachers, and employees of member schools under Bhaktapur chapter are undergoing treatment in different hospitals.