Paddy Plantation Begins In Bajhang

Farmers in Bajhang district have started planting paddy in the fields having irrigation facilities.
Farmers of Thalara, Chhanna, Rayal, Bagathala, Bungal and surrounding areas of the district headquarters have started planting paddy since the second week of June.
Those who had been to India for employment have also started returning home to plant paddy.
Bhim Bahadur Rokaya, Ward Chairman of Khaptadchhanna Rural Municipality- 4, said that during monsoon, the farmers become busy.
He said, “Farmers are busy planting paddy. They are in farms. Most of the people meet in the fields. It is a kind of fun.”
Debu Sarki, a local who returned home from India to plant paddy, said “I will go to India again after completing paddy plantation works.”
Most of the farmers start planting paddy from the last week of May and plantation will be over across the district by the end of July.
Bajhang district, considered to be rich in water resources, has big paddy fields on the banks of the Seti and Kalgan rivers.
Ram Lal Joshi of Agriculture Knowledge Centre said, “Paddy planting completes in the irrigated areas of the district by the third week of July.”
Only 35 per cent of the total paddy fields in Bajhang have irrigation facilities.