Paigambar Muhammad’s Birth Anniversary Observed

The 1496th birth anniversary of Paigambar Muhammad was observed today by organising various programmes.    

Paigambar Hazrat Muhammad is considered the messenger of God. Paigambar Muhammad was born in Mecca of Saudi Arabia and he was later moved to Medina. The Islamic calendar (Hijari Sambat) was kicked off after 53 years of his birth. Presently, Hijari Sambat 1443 is running.    

Since the beginning of the creation, Mecca and Medina was the pilgrimage site for the followers of all religions. The Quran, the major religious text of the Muslims, was revealed in course of preaching by Muhammad and since then, Mecca and Medina developed as the major religious shrines for the Muslims.    

Prior to this, Jerusalem was considered the main religious place for the Muslims. So Muslims are religiously bound to visit Mecca and Medina once in their life. The journey to the sites is called the ‘Haj’    

Today marks the commemoration of the preaching of Muhammad. Rallies and gatherings were scheduled for today. People from the Mulsim community visited Jame Masjid (mosque) and the Kashmiri Jame Masjid to pay homage to their ‘Prophet of the God’. It is said recommended health protocols were followed during the celebrations of the birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad.    

Source : TRN,