Pakistan To Continue Support To Bharatpur Eye Hospital: Ambassador Shah

Pakistani Ambassador to Nepal Syed Haider Shah today pledged on behalf of Pakistani government to continue assistance to Bharatpur Eye Hospital.

Pakistan would also provide assistances to construct a new building the hospital is scheduled to construct, he said at an event organised after inspecting the hospital.

“Send details of hospital’s new building to be constructed. We will think of how much assistance can be provided for the project,” he said. He also praised the hospital for continuously providing the ‘important’ eye service.

On the occasion, central treasurer of the Nepal Netrajyoti Sangh Chij Kumar Maskey, the district president Krishna Raj Dharel, chief medical director of the hospital Prof Dr Raghu Nandan Benju and the hospital manager Daya Shankar Chaudhary presented progress report and future plans of the hospital.

Pakistani Embassy has provided over Rs 20 million in assistance to the hospital, it has been informed. The hospital provided service to 207,676 eye patients in the fiscal year, 2018/19 and 163,148 in the FY, 2019/20.

Source : RSS,