Pandemic Stalls Electrification Drive In Baitadi

The task of electrification drive in lower Sworad area in Baitadi district is yet to restart due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Earlier, the electrification process with the national transmission line was halted due to the lockdown order imposed in March after the outbreak of coronavirus.

Abhisekraj Kalawar, an electrical engineer of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) in Attariya-based Provincial Office, said that they were yet to restart the expansion of national grid system in lower Sworad area.

The NEA was working to fix the national grid line to ensure access to power from the national transmission line in Melauli, Shivanath and Pancheshwor areas in Baitadi.

Kalawar said that the task was affected due to coronavirus as the equipment supply was badly hit from the lockdown.

He, however, said that the task of sub-station development will begin shortly after the Tihar festival.

Agreements were made with the contractors to construct a sub-station at Patan and next one in Melauli.

Source : RSS,