Pandey sent to jail under sexual abuse charges

Kathmandu District Court Monday ordered to send Manoj Kumar Jaishi alias Manoj Pandey to jail under human trafficking and sexual abuse charges to an underage girl.

The District Court has ordered to send Pandey to jail for trial on charges of human trafficking and sexual abuse to a victim ‘26 Range 43,’ a code name given by the Crime Investigation Division, said Superintendent of Police (SP) Dinesh Raj Mainali of District Police Range, Kathmandu.

SP Mainali said that after concluding preliminary court hearing Pandey was sent to Dilli Bazaar Jail for a trail.

A single bench of justice Prakash Dhungana has ordered Pandey to seek a bail amount of Rs. 100,000 on the charge of child sexual abuse. Pandey has, however, been sent to the jail under the human trafficking charge, stated a press release issued by the Kathmandu District Police Range, on Monday.

Victim’s mother had lodged charges on human trafficking and transportation Control Act, 2007 and sexual abuse against Pandey on May 22, 2022.

The victim of the incident had made public 20 video clips through social network Tiktok on May 18 and revealed that Pandey had repeatedly raped her. She alleged that Pandey had called him to the Everest Hotel in Baneshwor in the name of ‘Success Party’ after concluding a modeling competition and raped her offering a lemonade drink.

Demonstrations in support of the victims were held across the country over the statute of limitation in the sexual abuse case for the investigation into the rape case. Voices were raised from the streets to the Parliament to remove or extend statute of limitation on the case.

After moving in favour of the victim, the police had initiated the investigation process.

Both the complaints against Pandey had been submitted to the Kathmandu District Court through the District Public Prosecutor’s Office.

After the completion of the investigation, cases have been registered and submitted to the District Public Prosecutor’s Office for hearing on June 10 and sexual abuse charge sheet on June 13.

Source : TRN,