Parbat Hospital Best In Gandaki Province

Parbat Hospital has been declared the best hospital in Gandaki Province. It stood first in terms of the physical infrastructures and health service made available during the last year.

Evaluation done by the Gandaki Health Directorate showed the Parbat Hospital brought rapid improvement in a year.

Its indicators in the ‘basic service standard’ showed remarkable changes as compared to 11 other district hospitals.

It scored 78 percent while it had stood far less in the previous year- only 47 percent.

There were 761 indicators under three broad category- good governance and management, health service management, and hospital assistance service.

The hospital had best accomplishment, said Director at Gandaki Health Directorate, Dr Binod Bindu Sharma, adding that surgery, digital x-ray, lab service, kidney dialyses, corpse freezing centre, oxygen plant, ICU and ventilator service, establishment of crisis fund for poor people, specialist doctors’ service, construction of modern hospital building, software system introduced for account, purchase of modern medical equipment with the help of Nepalis abroad, no freezing of budget are satisfying achievements in the hospital.

Director Sharma further said, “It is huge success of the hospital in a year. Now, the hospital should be able to continue the available service smoothly.”

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