Parliament Dissolution A ‘Sad Compulsion’: Province 1 CM Rai

Chief Minister of Province 1 Sherdhan Rai today clarified that dissolution of the Federal Parliament was a ‘sad compulsion’ invited by disputes within the ruling Nepal Communist Party.

A compulsion to go for a fresh mandate was created as a result of forced hurdles created on the way to the goals of ‘ Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepalis’, he said while inaugurating the Provincial Training Centre, Kalbalgudi in Bhadrapur.

“What situation would take place when you close the door and thrash a cat? The same situation has taken place here.”

Maintaining that those wanting instability created obstacles in the way to prosperity despite people’s mandate for a stable government and development, he said, “Disputes were created within the NCP instead of deciding a new leadership and policies through party general convention. Now this sad compulsion has taken place.”

He viewed that there is a need to go to the people to help them understand dissolution of the Federal Parliament was a sad compulsion.

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