Parliamentary Hearing Of Proposed Judges Begins

The Federal Parliament Parliamentary Hearing Committee has proceeded towards the hearing of Supreme Court’s proposed justice Kumar Chudal and Nahakul Subedi.

A meeting of the Committee today decided to issue a 10-day notice to inform the public about the commencement of hearing.

The Committee seeks to be informed if there are any grievances or complaints against the proposed candidates, according to Committee President Laxman Lal Karna.

Chudal presently serves as the chief judge of High Court Patan while Subedi is the chief judge of High Court Surkhet.

The March 12 meeting of Judicial Council recommended the two to be appointed the SC judges and send the proposal to the Committee for further proceedings.

The recommendation was based on the comparative analysis of required qualifications of candidates: such as the year of service, academic qualification, performance, seniority, experience, efficiency, competency, honesty, fairness, moral conduct, professional knowledge, contribution to the judiciary and the achieved fame, it is said.

The Committee is the final body to decide whether to endorse or not the recommendations after going through certain procedures.

Source : RSS,