Party Unity Must To Safeguard Constitution: Minister Gyawali

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Minister for Foreign Affairs and Standing Committee Member of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Pradeep Kumar Gyawali has said that unity in the party was necessary to safeguard the changes in the country and the constitution.

“To safeguard the constitution, nationalism movement and changes, party unity is of vital importance,” he said while addressing the inauguration programme of Kavre district meeting of Madan Bhandari Foundation in Banepa on Saturday.

Hinting at the latest dispute in the party, Minister Gyawali said that no one had the right to weaken the party at the cost of constitution and nationalism.

“We all must contribute to the unity of the party. It is sad that although the present government is performing well, prime minister’s resignation was demanded. It could be a game to push the country towards instability since the resignation was demanded from the NCP party members, not by the main opposition Nepali Congress,” he said.

“Do we need to be ashamed of the works done by the government in the past two years? What crimes did the government commit so that we are discussing it in a way that it should not be kept in office even a day longer? Even the NC has not said that the government should be changed,” said Minister Gyawali.

He also questioned whether the NCP was being penalised for its work regarding the publication of a new map of the country including the Kalapani, Lipulek and Limpiyadhura.

According to Gyawali, Nepal is promoted in global forums by the present government, agreements are signed so that there would be no more blockade, and large infrastructure projects are being completed, post-quake reconstruction is about to conclude, and social security and health insurance are being widened.

“I don’t say that the government does not have its weaknesses. I speak as a responsible minister of the government. If we had support from all stakeholders, the vehicle of government could have moved ahead in the fifth gear but now it’s in the third gear,” he said.

“You know what kind of support the government is getting from the party. We have seen who has louder voice against the government at the parliament,” he said.

Addressing the programme, former Minister for Communication and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota said that PM KP Sharma Oli would resign neither from the post of PM nor the party chair.

He said that there should be an election to change the PM and general convention to change the party chair.