Pashupatinath Temple To Open As Usual

The Pashupatinath temple will now be opened from 5am to 7pm daily for paying of homage.

The temple would open as per the time it used to be kept open before the imposition of the nationwide lockdown on March 14 last year in a bid to prevent coronavirus pandemic, Executive Director of the Pashupati area development Trust (PADT) Dr Ghanashyam Khatiwada said.

The shrine devoted to lord Mahadev was closed to the devotees after the government clamped lockdown.

The temple was opened from 6 am till 2pm since December 16 following decline in the risk of COVID-19.

It has been opened from 5am till 7 pm from today.

Similarly, the special worship has also been resumed on a regular basis at the temple from March 9.

Source : RSS,