People Keeping A Watch On Local Government

People at Krishnapur locality of Kanchanpur district have begun keeping a watch on the service delivery and its quality at the local government. The activities conducted by Ward No 1 of Krishnapur Municipality here are now under close watch of the local people.

After an organization Sanjivani Nepal formed a local’s assembly at the ward under its mutual accountability project, the service delivery and development activities are kept in close observation, according to a local teacher Bhaktaraj Bhandari.

He further said information on the development projects and budget made by the ward office was limited to some people. But with the formation of local people’s assembly, most of the problems there were resolved.

The assembly has the representation of mothers’ group, teachers and community leaders.

The assembly holds meeting time and again and raise voice for good governance and transparency.

The complaints of delayed service delivery, irregularities in development activities, and other social problems in community are discussed in the meeting of the assembly. After the discussion, the locals furnish recommendation to Ward Chairman and Municipality Mayor for corrections.

It exerts pressure on the people’s representatives for working actively and effectively in favour of people.

In this regard, a freed kamaiya Chunudevi Dagaura was earlier almost unaware about the service the ward office provides. She now shared that there was also budget for the freed kamaiyas at her ward.

Ward Chairman Mohan Bahadur Basnet said the locals were reaching the ward office with complaints and problems.

“With the identification of local problems by people’s assembly, it has been easier for the office to sort out problems,” he observed.

Chairwoman of Sanjivani Nepal, Nitu Bhatta, said the local leaders discuss frequently on local development and recommend for correction.

Source : RSS,