People With Disabilities Provided With Food Items

Mothers residing at SOS Balgram Ram Bazar in Pokhara have distributed food items to the people with disabilities.

Marking the birthday of SOS Children’s Village founder Hermann Gmeiner and 35th SOS Day, the mothers working in the SOS Children’s Village in Pokhara provided rice, pulse, oil, salt, beaten rice, and turmeric to them.

The beneficiaries include five visually impaired people and 11 people with physical disabilities who received the in-kind support worth Rs 25,000, according to Laxmi Devi Bastola.

She along with 23 other mothers raised the fund within themselves to provide this support.

The beneficiaries had lost their jobs during the prohibitory order. The in-kind support was aimed at providing them some sort of respite at such challenging times.

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