People’s Representatives Call For Unified UML

People’s representatives of Chandragiri municipality have staged a road sit-in to pressure the UML leadership to keep the party united. The people’s representatives elected in the 2074 local level elections representing the UML staged a road sit-in in Gurjudhara calling of unity in the ruling party.

The participants of the sit-in carried a banner reading ‘inevitability of UML for prosperity, one UML need of the day’.

“This act is to draw the attention of the leaders to realize the dream of Puspa Lal, Man Mohan and Madan Bhandari for a unified UML party,” said ward no. 11 chair of the municipality Hari Bhakta Maharjan. Maharjan is also the UML Kathmandu constituency no. 10 coordination and UML district secretariat member.

Chandragiri is the largest municipality in Kathmandu valley, divided into 15 wards. In the local level elections, 58 people’s representatives including the Deputy Mayor were elected representing the CPN-UML.

Source : RSS,