Pindongdanda Community Health Unit Building In Mahurebhanjyang Of Temal

The Pindongdanda community health unit building has been constructed at Ward No. 4, Mahurebhanjyang, with the help of foreign donors and at the initiative of Temal Rural Municipality.

The three-room building was constructed with financial support of Rs. 1.566 million from Ambu Gabriele of Italy, Rs 453,000 from Mouruce Duchene of France, Rs 920,00 from an organization called Clemance Lavergne Jam Jam Namaste at the initiative of Janak Lama in France and Rs 100,000 from Shanker Lama currently based in the United States of America.

Associazione Cultarale InCammino Zenova, Italy, Jam Jam Namaste France and International Center for the Exploration of the Himalayas, France also made special contribution in construction of the building.

Rajesh Lama Tamang, a local tourism entrepreneur, said that beds, oxygen concentrators and furniture were also received with the help of the donors. Local people’s voluntary labor was also mobilized for the construction of the building.

Earlier, the ward and village municipality had initially provided some funds. The land for the construction of the building was provided free of cost by local Bishnu Lal Shrestha.

The locals said that they are very happy to get the health facility provided by the state in the geographically remote Mahurebhanjyang area of Temal, where even finding a paracetamol was difficult and the people were compelled to rush to the city centre even for minor treatment.

“Health, education, drinking water and agriculture should be ensured to create a favourable living environment in the village. We are still providing necessary assistance for the protection and operation of the health institution here,” said Rajesh.

The building was inaugurated on Saturday by rural municipality chair Salam Singh Tamang and one of the donors, Mouruce Duchene.

In order to provide health services in the village itself, the service at the newly built health facility will start soon after managing required human resource, medical equipments and medicines, said rural municipality chair Tamang. A health assistant, an ANM and an office assistant will be managed to start the unit.

The local residents should remain conscious and benefit from the newly established facility in their neighbourhood, he said.

Vice-chair of the Rural Municipality Durga Maya Tamang said the facility has been established to ensure services to the people at their doorsteps. However, the services available could be reduced if the local people do not avail of the services with the established infrastructure and human resources.

Chief Administrative Officer Kedar Dhakal, Chair of the Users Committee Indrajit Lama, Ward Health Post In-Charge Chandra Dhwaj Lama, Chandra Singh Tamang, Siddhi Bahadur Shrestha and Pema Dorje Lama among others said that it was commendable job to provide health services in remote settlements where it is difficult to get medical treatment.

Source : RSS,