PM Deuba expresses commitment to fully implement cultural rights

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has expressed commitment to fully implement the linguistic and cultural rights mentioned in the constitution.
Inaugurating the 12th Academic Assembly of the Nepal Academy of Music and Drama today, Prime Minister Deuba said the government was determined to develop Nepal as a beautiful garden with colourful flowers by promoting languages and cultures of all nationalities and communities of the country.
Chief Patron of the Nepal Academy of Music and Drama, PM Deuba opined, “The Constitution of Nepal has ensured protecting and promoting languages, scripts, cultures, cultural civilization and heritages of all communities living in Nepal, establishing linguistic and cultural rights as the fundamental rights. So it should be fully implemented.”
Music and drama are priceless creation of the nation in itself and these arts enhance pride of the nation and infuse creativity among the people, he added.
The PM also expressed commitment of the government to always provide support and cooperation to every role played by the Nepal Academy of Music and Drama for the upliftment of the nation through the medium of dance, drama and music.
He shared, “The Nepal Academy of Music and Drama has been organising different programmes like identifying different Nepali folk music and dances, children’s plays, festivals, and ‘one province, one tradition’ in order to protect endangered music tradition and taking them to different geographical territory and communities, which has made national unity strong.”
Saying Nepal Academy of Music and Drama is the organisation of art, artistes and creators, Prime Minister Deuba added the artistes and litterateurs have great contribution in establishment and promotion of democracy.
Similarly, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Jeevan Ram Shrestha, expressed commitment that he would take possible initiatives for the development and promotion of Nepali art, literature, drama and culture.
Likewise, Vice-Chancellor of Nepal Academy, Dr Jagaman Gurung, pointed out the need of holding discussion on the issues of Nepali art, culture and literature among local-level, political parties and academicians to strengthen federal democratic republic.
Vice-Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, KK Karmacharya (Kanchha Kumar Karmacharya) and Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Music and Drama, Narayan Bhakta Shrestha (Rayan) laid emphasis on the development of Nepali art, culture and literature sector. (RSS)