PM Deuba For Linking Education With Development

Prime Minister and Chancellor of Lumbini Buddhist University Sher Bahadur Deuba has said outcome of the state’s investment in education sector could be ensured only if education was linked to development.

Addressing the 13th Assembly of Lumbini Buddhist University on Monday, PM Deuba said the achievements of investment made in education would be important in determining the future destination of the country.

In this regard, the PM urged the university to advance the academic programmes of the Buddhist philosophy and education as such activities of the Lumbini Buddhist University would be supplementary in assisting with the sustainable development policies taken by the government.

The PM stated that the university has its own specialties and relevance.

Deuba stressed that the University should move ahead by making the Buddhist teachings advance and relevant.

He said, “There is an ample potential for making the glorious and prosperous nation with the long legacy of Buddhist philosophy and tradition. It is necessary to move ahead by linking our history of religion, culture and art with different industries and possibilities of business including tourism sector.”

The PM shared that it is an important opportunity to introduce Nepal in the world stage as the birthplace and land of enlightenment through its educational contribution that incorporated the fundamental rights of the Nepali society like peace, prosperity and hard work, patience and spirituality for a happy life.

He expected that the Assembly would provide guidance to prepare a plan in order to move ahead in coming days by evaluating the academic activities–expansion of educational prorammes, research and publications and physical infrastructure development carried out by the University so far as per the spirit and objective of its establishment.

Source : RSS,