PM directs security agencies to apply strategy in view of multidimensional approaches of crime

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that development of information and technology has not only positively impacted the human life but also brought about multidimensional changes in the approach of crimes.
Addressing a special event at the Armed Police Force, Nepal Headquarters on Monday on the occasion of 22nd Armed Police Force, Nepal Day 2079, the PM asked the security bodies to be mobilized to tackle the security threats that have appeared with the changing dimensions of the crimes.
Likewise, the PM urged the security officials to play honest and effective role from their respective positions to materialize the national strategic goal of social justice, good-governance and prosperity by discouraging crimes.
On the occasion, PM Prachanda appreciated the role played by the APF, Nepal from the country’s political transition to the present and also said the force played crucial role in conducting the polls in a free, fair and fearless manner.
The PM also was in praise of the AFP, Nepal’s performance carried out in the time of natural and human-induced disasters.
Furthermore, the Prime Minister offered special thanks and appreciation to the APF, Nepal personnel for being deployed as the dedicated security force for border security with the sense of nation service in the tough geographic and unfavourable climatic condition and amid limited infrastructures from mountainous to tarai zones.
Likewise, the PM said that the government was committed to managing needed means and resource and training as well as encouragement needed for getting mobilised in the border region and added that the government was serious to avail the means and resources to the APF, Nepal.
PM Prachanda said the government was aware of the fact that the APF, Nepal lacks arms and ammunition, residence, logistics, disaster management equipment, vehicles and physical infrastructures and assured to take initiatives at the earliest possible time to fulfill such gaps.
Also in his address, the PM asked the APF, Nepal personnel to remain disciplined, ethical, professional and dutiful by following the directives given by the government as per the context and situation by internalizing the constitutional supremacy and norms of rule of law.
PM Prachanda also directed the APF, Nepal personnel for their mobilization in the field by ensuring cooperation and coordination with all concerned bodies.
Furthermore, the PM reminded the security officials of remaining committed to human rights, zero tolerance to corruption and gender-based discrimination and win the confidence of the people by serving them and providing security. (RSS)