PM For Going To Elections Instead Of Arguing

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has urged all political parties to participate in the elections instead of arguing on House of Representatives (HoR) dissolution.

Responding to the queries by National Assembly (NA) members in today’s meeting of the NA, PM Oli claimed that he was the leader of the NCP Parliamentary Party with a clear majority while recommending for the HoR dissolution.

PM Oli also said that some people with a traditional mindset have raised various questions over the President’s dignity adding that the President was constitutional with ceremonial roles in approving the government recommendation.

Prior to this, lawmakers Jitendra Dev, Pramila Kumari, Ramesh Jung Rayamajhi, Prakash Pantha, and Anita Devkota had raised questions to the Prime Minister on various issues including HoR dissolution, announcement of dates for election, and ending of National Assembly session.

Source : RSS,