PM For Procedural Simplification For Industrial Development

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has stressed the need for simplifying legal procedures for industrial development of the country.
“We are often entangled in procedural hassles. Our planning is so slow and cumbersome that valuable times are lost without getting results,” the Prime Minister said while inaugurating the 70th annual general meeting of the Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) here on Thursday. “We should not be following such tiresome procedures. Instead, we should move ahead in a simplified manner,” he said.
It is for that reason that we have adopted the measures like One Door Centre and One Stop Service, the Prime Minister said. “These processes may not have already been effective but we would make them effective and simplified now.”
Another problem, the Prime Minister pointed out, is bureaucratic hurdles which are connected with the procedures themselves. “This should also be simplified. We need to rethink our procedures instead of putting blames on individuals,” he said.
Prime Minister Oli urged the businessmen to increase production and productivity by attracting investment and technology instead of importing consumer goods.
Boosting domestic production and exports would help maintain the balance of trade and have a positive impact on the economy.
He said, “We should be bringing in investment and technology, not the manufactured goods and consumer items.”
He said that it is necessary to engage in the development of the country through advanced policy and planning. He blamed the self-centred politics for backwardness.
“Development of every individual’s field is possible. No one should be left behind. Everyone should move forward. That is the goal of the Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali,” the Prime Minister said.
On the occasion, Prime Minister Oli urged people to follow health protocol to stay safe from COVID-19 and avoid the need of another lockdown.
The people should be aware and be careful as the rate of COVID-19 infection has been increasing in India and the risk has also increased in Nepal due to the open borders, he added. The Prime Minister said that COVID-19 could be avoided by maintaining physical distance, wearing masks and washing hands and face. The Prime Minister said that the country may come to a standstill again as the infection rate of COVID-19 is gradually increasing. “Lockdown is not our plan. But if you are not cautious and safe, COVID-19 can make a resurgence. In such a situation, we may be forced to announce a shutdown,” the Prime Minister said.
The COVID-19 vaccine may not provide 100 per cent protection if we are careless about safety protocols. The safety rules provide the best prevention, he added.
Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Lekhraj Bhatta said that the industrialisation of the country would not be possible without cooperation of the private sector.
He directed the industrialists to work in a disciplined and systematic manner so that consumers are not deceived. He said that it would be easier if market monitoring is carried out by the industries themselves.
President of the Nepal Chamber of Commerce Rajesh Kazi Shrestha said that the tourism sector was at risk due to the impact of COVID 19. He added that the NCC has been working hand-in-hand with the government for economic and social transformation for the past 70 years. Shrestha asked the government to support the business sector through its policy for reviving the business firms and industries from the impact of COVID-19.
The annual general meeting of the NCC will elect a new executive committee.