PM Oli Inaugurates Reconstructed Patan Secondary School

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The Patan Secondary School based in Lalitpur Metropolitan City which was damaged by the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake has been rebuilt.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli inaugurated the reconstructed School. It was rebuilt with the loan assistance of the Government of Japan. The Japanese government has provided loan assistance of Rs 160 million for reconstructing the school.

Addressing the programme, PM Oli said reconstruction of the school building, constructed during the time of the Rana reign, has connected two centuries. Centre of education such as this school would help fulfil the aspiration for development and prosperity, he said.

Mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Chiribabu Maharjan said the metropolis has established itself as the centre of both community and institutional schools. He viewed that the school which has been rebuilt into an attractive building should also impart quality education to students.

JICA Nepal’s chief Ms Yumiko Asakuma, School Management Committee chairperson Indraman Maharjan and School Principal, Ishwar Man Bajracharya had expressed commitment to improving the quality of education at the school.

Established in 1981BS, the school building was constructed two years after in 1983 BS. The school building was damaged by the Gorkha Earthquake on April 25, 2015.

The reconstructed school has 27 classrooms, a science laboratory, a library room, a computer room, teachers and the principal’s room and the administration office. It also has a separate male and female washroom. A separate room has been allocated for people with disabilities and the staff.

The school has 833 students, including 424 boys and 409 girls. A tower for keeping the clock, furniture, electricity, water distribution, solar backup, playground, pavement, wall, main gate, pump set and guards’ room have also been constructed, Principal Bajracharya said.

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