PM Oli Urges Countries To Make Content Correction On Buddha’s Birthplace

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that hate speech in the name of religion should be put to an end. Prime Minister said this while laying foundation stone of ‘Peace Suddammawasa- Elderly Residential Home’ to be constructed in the premises of Sulakshyan Kirti Bihar in Kirtipur municipality today.

He further said that every religion’s message should be peace, reconciliation and unity. “Religion should be for cohesion not for division and fragmentation”. The Prime Minster went on saying that the Buddhist philosophy has imparted one and all with the message of peace and unity.

The government was effortful to reduce dependence on foreign countries or agencies for the promotion of Buddhist philosophy and for Lumibini’s development. “Peace apostle Lord Buddha was born in Nepal and we should move ahead with commitment to the enrichment of Lumbini”, he asserted.

The rumour spread regarding the birthplace of Buddha has been gradually cleared off, he said, adding he was informed of the US corrections in its school curriculum regarding the name of Gautam Buddha’s birthplace. “The US has removed wrong content reading Buddha was born in other country and not in Nepal from the textbooks”, the Prime Minister shared and urged other countries to make corrections in the name of birthplace if any.

Noting that the Buddhists around the world have developed Lumbini as a centre of faith, he shared that the construction of meditation centre with capacity of 5,000 seats was underway.

He also said that the government was exerting its efforts to materialize the national campaign of prosperous Nepal and happy Nepali. He further said that no Nepali would feel insecurity and shortage in the country. “No one needs to feel oppressed, cheated and insecure. The government was ready to address these issues”, he asserted.

Kirtipur mayor Ramesh Maharjan pledged to provide all possible support in the construction of senior citizen residential home.

On the occasion, monastery chief Dr Anoja Guruma shared that the elderly home is being constructed at the cost of Rs 300 million.

Also on the occasion, PM Oli had announced to provide assistance worth amounting to Rs 500,000 to the elderly home construction on behalf of his spouse Radhika Shakya.

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