PM Prachanda insists on democratic communications policy

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has insisted on the need for democratic information and communications policy to increase access of all classes, regions, castes, languages and communities to mass communications.

In his address to a ceremony organised on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of Nepal Television here today, the Prime Minister was of the view that focus on IT development and expansion would create a foundation for the government to successfully undertake the nation’s mandates.

As the Prime Minister said, the incumbent government is committed to building structures and ensuring legal and practical grounds for the full guarantee of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, the right to information and press freedom. The government owns a policy to protect and promote media with their recognition as the national service industries for the promotion of the rights of media people and for professional and institutional development of media, according to the Prime Minister.

“The government has come up with a policy to develop information and communications system as a supporting tool to improve the people’s living standard with the institutionalization of the federal democratic republic system,” the PM mentioned. Stating that we are in the digital era, he said the development and use of digital technology had led to quality changes in the social production system.

The government is committed to establishing a mass communications training academy for the capacity enhancement of media persons and the promotion of media professionalism, according to the Prime Minister who pledged to ensure all professional rights and physical security of journalists, including their health and accident insurance.

He took time to say that social justice, good governance and prosperity were the top priorities of the government under his leadership. Strengthening of democracy, protection and progressive enforcement of the constitution, economic reform and effective delivery in the areas of people’s service and livelihood sectors were the major mandates of the government, according to the PM.

On the occasion, the PM drew the attention of Nepal Television towards internalizing the government mandates and making the public aware of them.

He extended his best wishes and gratitude to the Nepal Television family, its audiences, well-wishers at home and abroad and advertisement providers on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of NTV, the oldest television channel in the country.

PM Prachanda said, “Nepal Television is moving ahead transforming itself as per change in political system and state’s character which has further proved the television’s role and importance.” Broadcasting news in seven different languages this year was further significant, he mentioned that television had challenges to become more responsible and professional as per viewers’ expectations.

The PM also urged Nepal Television to spend its all knowledge on the welfare of the organisation in order to transform challenges into opportunities.

Expressing the belief that Nepal Television would give continuity to provincial channel expansion tasks on the basis of necessity and priority, he shared, “Television broadcasting from Kathmandu has brought to light the history, language, culture and voice of all classes, gender, area and community. So, all classes and communities can see their faces on the television and feel ownership.”

The PM also thanked Nepal Television for being able to establish the Nepali language, art, culture and identity globally, expressing the belief that Nepal Television would provide further modern, fast and efficient service by developing its professional capability in the coming days.

On the occasion Chairperson of Nepal Television, Samir Jung Shah said the emphasis was laid on the development of professional capability and skills by adopting changes in the communications and information sector.

Likewise, the General Manager of Nepal Television, Phulman Bal, shared information on the activities of Nepal Television. (RSS)