PM Prachanda insists on unity among Maoist forces

Prime Minister and CPN (Maoist Centre) Chair, Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has urged various factions of the Maoist movement to get united for the cause of social justice and transformation in the society.

In his address to a function held at the party head office, Perisdanda, to mark the 28th People’s War Day here today, the Prime Minister who led the decade-long People’s War in the country insisted on the need of unity among various streams of Maoist for the ‘prosperity’ of the nation.

He said that he was in touch with the leaderships of other Maoist groups for the unification, expressing his hope that the unification process would get a momentum soon.

According to him, a socialist front, a combination of Maoist, communist and socialist movement forces, would appear soon as an alternative to lead the future Nepal. “Efforts from the respective quarters are required towards that end.”

On the occasion, the Prime Minister was of the opinion that the People’s War was not just the pride of the Maoists, but was also the ‘treasure of the entire nation’. He echoed the need of utilising such assets to promote good governance and a new course of development.

Underlining the need of celebrating such a ‘historic day’ officially, he said the same realization made the government to give a public holiday today. “The decision is itself an honour to all those people who attained martyrdom, were left mutilated and injured over the course of the people’s war.”

According to him, he leads the government when the nation faces severe economic and political challenges, but still he has no excuses to shy away from duties, roles and responsibilities.” We are mandated to make a stride in the good governance and economic development sectors.”

As he said, efforts are being made to question over the federal democratic republic constitution from multiple sides for long and dedicated actions are necessary to prove the essence of this achievement. (RSS)