PM Seeking Confidence Vote Today

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, in his capacity as the chairman of CPN (UML), has urged all party members to come together and bolster the ruling party’s unity.
Issuing a press statement on Sunday, Oli said that the people of the country had placed their hope and faith in UML and called it the responsibility of today’s generation to move forward by making the party stronger and more united.
“Efforts have been made to split the party, to tear it down, to defeat it and to further the interests of the opponents. Harmful attempts like floor-crossing, tabling of no-confidence motions and mass resignations have been made, even at the cost of one’s political life, to weaken the party. We have witnessed tragic tendencies of seeking to overthrow the party’s government at various levels and celebrate the victory of the opposition. These tendencies are by no means appropriate,” Prime Minister Oli stated, asking all leaders and cadres to think how they would answer to the people in the future.
Assuring everyone that the party did not discriminate against anyone, Oli expressed confidence that the sincere leaders and cadres of UML would not engage in any activity that would harm the party and the left movement.
Meanwhile RSS adds: The session of House of Representatives (HoR) is taking place on Monday to confirm whether Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has the confidence of the HoR.
On the recommendation of the Council of Ministers, President Bidya Devi Bhandari had summoned the House meeting for Monday as PM plans to obtain the vote of confidence from the parliament.
Nepali Congress parliamentary party’s chief whip Bal Krishna Khand said that the voting process would be advanced on Monday after political parties’ leaders make their opinions in the Business Advisory Committee on the vote of confidence motion put forth by the PM.
He said that lawmakers with negative report of COVID-19 would cast their vote at the main meeting hall while those infected ones will cast vote from a separate chamber.
The session of the House is summoned at a time when the intra-party feud in the ruling CPN (UML) has deepened.
UML’s chief whip Bishal Bhattarai said that a decision has been made to ensure

participation of COVID-19 infected parliamentarians in a safe environment.
Currently, a total of 28 lawmakers are infected with coronavirus.
Likewise, as agreed in the Business Advisory Committee, the party’s leaders will make their speech in brief.
However, a fixed time is not set for the Prime Minister, former prime ministers and former speakers.
The House session will end on Monday itself after the voting on the vote of confidence. After the end of this House session, the government will summon the budget session of the House.
As per the House business on Monday, Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota will read out a letter received from the President on the HoR session at the beginning of the House session.
Immediate after that, a presidium would be selected to run the House meeting on the proposal of the Speaker.
Likewise, PM Oli will table a proposal seeking vote of confidence and urge the House to cast vote in the proposal.
After PM’s proposal, the political parties’ representatives will put their opinions.
After the lawmakers’ opinions, the PM will respond to their views and questions raised.
Following the PM’s response, proposal on voting will advance with the options of ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Neutral’ and the votes will be divided accordingly.
At present, there are altogether 271 lawmakers in the parliament and the PM should garner support of 136 lawmakers to gain majority in his side. The Speaker will cast votes in case the votes are equal.