Pokhara hotels to become paid isolation facilities

  • August 26, 2020

File Photo: Lakeside, Pokhara (October, 2019)

Addressing a spike in number of cases of Covid-19, and a possibility of shortage of isolation facilities, Pokhara Metropolitan City in Kaski District is preparing to use private hotels as paid isolation facilities.

Currently there are 830 quarantine facilities in Gandaki State, while the number of isolation facilities stands at 261. Most recently, the agriculture training centre in Pokhara has been converted into a 40-room isolation facility.

Authorites are in talks with private hotels, and patiens who are exhibiting symptoms, or identified as at-risk, can opt to isolate at the hotels for a certain fee. A total of 24 hotels have been turned into pay-quarantine facility as of now.

One will have to pay anywhere between NRS 1,000 to NRS 2,000 per day for staying at the hotel isolation facility, depending upon the service provided, and the standard of the hotel.

For those who are unable to pay for their isolation, Gandaki State allows home isolation.

As per reports, 1,889 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in the state till date. However, the numbers could spike, and making arrangements for isolation and quarantine is crucial to stop community transmission.