Police arrest Maila Lama, valley in-charge of outlawed Biplav group

  • July 21, 2019

Nepal Police, following up on a special tip-off have arrested Maila Lama, senior party leader of Netra Bikram Chand led Communist Party of Nepal – Maoist (CPNM), or Biplav, as they are recognised as. Lama, who is the valley in-charge of the outlawed political organisation was picked up from Kadaghari around midnight yesterday.

Lama was in the wanted list of Nepal Police for his involvement in bomb explosions that took place in various parts of the capital. He was arrested along with aide, Resham Tamang.

CPNM, a splinter of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal was formed in 2014 after certain leaders thought other senior leaders were deviating from the party’s political philosophy. Growing their base in rural districts, especially in remote districts of Western Nepal, they started stepping up their activities since late 2018 – including bomb blasts in the capital in early 2019.

Following the Nakkhu bomb blast in February, which claimed the life of a civilian, the government banned the organisation and its activities. Police have been vigilant since, investigating the organisation, and making several arrests. Lama’s arrest is a high-profile arrest by the police, and will deal a severe blow to Biplav organisation.

It may also be noted that while both parties – the Biplav organisation and the government claim to be willing to come to the table to discuss, however, the meeting has not materialised yet.