Police Squad Arrest Fake PCR Report Producing Racketeers

A group of racketeers has been found active in the production of PCR negative reports without collecting swab samples from the needy persons.

It came to a revelation that a team comprising operator of Kathmandu Sinamangal-based Subidha Healthcare Pvt Ltd and operator of Merit Multi Care Medical Center Pvt Ltd Prakash Rayamajhi (original name Chitra Bahadur Rayamajhi) was found involved in such unscrupulous work for money-making.

According to the Metropolitan Crime Division, the police arrested eight persons including the two for their alleged involvement in preparing negative PCR report required for the purpose of oversees employment without collecting swab samples.

The police team deployed in the investigation acting on a tip-off on Tuesday evening arrested them with fake PCR reports.

Among the arrested are 45-year-old Chitra Bahadur Rayamajhi, known as Prakash Rayamajhi, of Jhapa Gauradaha and currently residing in Pepsikola, Pramod Kumar Yadav of Saptari, Pradeep Kumar Giri of Mahottari Gaushala, Aman Kumar Yadav of Mahottari, Bajresh Pokharel of Morang Biratnagar, Badal Miring Thing of Mahottari, Saroj Chhetri, 22, of Dolakha Chaiteswori and is currently residing in Chawahil and Dr Khelananda Prasad Singh of Saptari Madhyapura.

The police squad also seized equipment including computers used for producing fake PCR report. Further investigation into the fraudulence is underway by shutting the services of Suriya Healthcare Pvt Ltd.
The racketeers were found to have produced a fake PCR report charging Rs 9,000.

Source : RSS,