Political party leaders should focus on positive social changes: Dr. Deuba

Nepali Congress (NC) central executive committee member Dr. Arzu Rana Deuba has viewed that leaders of the political parties should focus on social transformation instead of solely concentrating on elections.

Arguing that the main goal of politics was to take the society into positive changes and direction, she highlighted the need for the political parties as it was difficult to serve the people from outside the political party system.

The NC leader urged the people’s representatives to work in such a way that they win the hearts of the people.

She said so while addressing a programme organised to congratulate the people’s representatives and exchange views on disaster management and role of the Tarun Dal in the service of the people.

The programme was organised today by Nepal Tarun Dal, Kaski to congratulate and felicitate the people’s representatives at the local level in the district who got elected as candidates of the Nepali Congress in the local poll held on May 13.

She urged the newly elected people’s representatives at the local levels to focus on good governance and pro-people work.

She attributed the way independent candidates were competing in elections to the growing attraction of the people to politics. She, however, pointed at the need for those who got elected as independent candidates to be institutional.

People are yet to see the performance of those who got elected as independent candidates, and I hope people will make a good judgement of their works, she said.

Also, the first lady, Dr. Deuba, viewed that the new generation should think about the proper profession they are fit for so that they can be successful.

She appreciated the way people from different ideologies were joining the mainstream politics but said she was concerned about good governance.

She said it was not easy to work at the local level and urged the people’s representatives to work with extra caution as many of those who got elected in the local levels in the first local poll in 2017 could not get re-elected in the recently held local poll, in 2022. “It shows people keep a record of your performance and give the result in the election.”

Talking about the federal government, the first lady said that it was challenging to coordinate among different political parties and also fulfil people’s aspirations in time as the government was a coalition one.

“I see Prime Minister Deuba working day in and day out, from early morning to the late evening, like a horse, but still there are many aspirations of the people yet to be met,” said the first lady.

Bidwan Gurung, a central chairperson of the Nepal Tarun Dal, said that the youths were following the instruction of the party and being with the people in their woes and happiness.

Speaking at the programme, NC central member Rajib Dhungana, Minister for Education, Culture and Social Development of the Gandaki province, Mekh Lal Shrestha, Physical Infrastructure Minister of the Gandaki province Kumar Khadka, Communication Minister of Gandaki province Bindu Kumar Thapa, NC Kaski district President Kishor Datta Baral, former central committee member of Tarun Dal Rishi Kafle and President of Tarun Dal Kaski district committee, Manoj Gurung, presented their views on making the Nepali Congress the first and largest party in the upcoming elections.

Source : TRN,