Politics With Entrepreneurship To Reach Socialism

Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning of Bagmati Kailash Dhungel has said politics should be practiced along with entrepreneurship to reach to socialism.

Addressing a meeting of the Madan Bhandari Foundation Kalika Town Committee here Saturday, he said the youth should join politics while taking up business and entrepreneurship as well.

Stating that the provincial government has arranged grant and concessional loan for the youth entrepreneurs, Minister Dhungel urged the youth to be part of the manufacturing sector.

On a different note, the NCP leader said the communist party adopted the policy of reaching the power by winning popular vote through multi-party competition.

On the occasion, a 101-member town committee of the foundation and 101-member Madan Bhandari sports academy town committee were announced under the chair of Keshav Lama and Purna Mahato respectively.

Source : RSS,