PR vote count likely to be over by tomorrow

The Election Commission has estimated the counting of the votes under the proportional representation (PR) system will be over by Wednesday.

Guru Prasad Wagle, spokesperson of the office of the chief election officer for the PR system in the EC, informed that the PR vote counting will be completed by tomorrow, Wednesday, as the counting was going on only in a few places.

Record keeping of the completed vote counting in the EC information system and the office of the chief election officer has been going on.

Some 15 million and 67 thousand votes have been counted so far, according to the EC.

Spokesperson Wagle said the number of votes counted so far and the ones remaining to be counted could not be ascertained as the vote counting was continuous in some places.

As per the latest update of the EC, CPN (UML) has led the PR vote count of the House of Representatives (HoR) with 2.8 million 54 thousand and 641 votes while the Nepali Congress trails it in the second with 2.7 million 15 thousand and 225 PR votes.

Similarly, in the third position, has so far got 1.1 million 75 thousand and 684 votes, the Rastriya Swatantra Party has got 1.1 million 30 thousand and 344 votes, Rastriya Prjatantra Party has received 588 thousand and 849 votes, Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) has got 521 thousand and 313 votes while the Janamat Party has garnered 394 thousand and 655 votes. These parties have already crossed the 3 per cent threshold to be the national party given the estimated total votes cast in the HoR and PA election held on November 20.

Likewise, CPN (Unified Socialist) has got 298 thousand 391 votes, Nagarik Unamukti Party has got 271 thousand 722 votes, Loktantrik Samajwadi Party (LSP) has secured 167 thousand 367 votes, Nepal Workers and Peasants’ Party has got 75 thousand 168 votes and Hamro Nepali Party has got 55 thousand 743 votes. As the vote count is going on, the number of votes a party has got may increase.

Source : TRN,