President Expresses Sorrow Over Loss Of Life And Property In Disasters, Stresses On Collective Efforts For Relief

President Bidya Devi Bhandari has expressed her sorrow over the loss of valuable lives and property in the incidences of floods, landslides and inundation caused by the recent rains at different parts of the country. The Head-of-the-State has also extended condolences to the bereaved families.

The President said that she was hopeful that the authorities concerned would pay attention to the effective mobilisation of State machinery for the rescue and management of the survivors, for the treatment of the injured, and for searching for those missing in the incidents.

The President further urged all the bodies concerned to work in a coordinated way for the relief, compensation and reconstruction efforts in the affected areas primarily the areas reporting the losses of agricultural crops and physical infrastructure damages.

According to the press statement issued by the Office of the President, the Head-of-the-State called on all political parties, social organisations and community to have required coordination and to work collaboratively for the rescue and relief of the survivors in these hours of grief caused by the incidents of natural disasters.

The President also spoke the need of staying alert to the possible incidences of disasters in the future.

Source : RSS,