Press Council Nepal warns non-compliant Online media of deregistration

May 11, 2019

Kathmandu: Press Council Nepal has decided to remove the categorization of those media not complying with the code of conduct despite repeated notice.

Council’s Information Officer Deepak Khanal shared that the decision was taken in view of some online media seriously violating code of conduct despite alerting them lately. According to the decision, those online media who are categorized but not registered were asked to register themselves at the Department of Information within 15 days and inform the Council.

“Those not complying with this would be removed from categorization,” shared Khanal. Furthermore, the Council has decided to give three days for justification to those online media categorized by the Council and carrying misleading information, posing threat to national unity, social amity and sovereignty.

In case of those online media not categorized by the Council but carrying blasphemous and misleading information, they would be warned. “If those media overlook the warning and continue publication of such materials, the Council will bring it to the notice of stakeholders,” informed Khanal. The meeting of Council Friday also decided to bring to book those online media which continue to violate the code of conduct despite the repeated warnings.

Referring to the government’s recent move that blocked some online media promoting obscenity, the Council also decided to tighten the noose against those online promoting such materials.