Private Medical Colleges demand government provide clarity

  • September 26, 2019

After nationwide protests by medical students against private medical colleges accusing private them of charging fees beyond set guidelines, the government had no choice but to address the issue. On Sep 23, they assured students that the government would follow through on their word, therefore told medical colleges to return the extra fees back to the students.

Now the private medical colleges are disgruntled. They have warned halting enrollment of new batches of MBBS and MD students unless the government finds a way out of legal and procedural ambiguities in the admission process.

The warning comes days after the government issued a notice ordering private medical colleges to return extra fees taken from students, else face legal action.

Association of Private colleges, issuing a statement on Wednesday, blamed the government’s ad-hoc policies for the collapses of private medical colleges in the country.

A part of the statement reads, “The government has been taking one decision after another in attempt to close private medical colleges.”, accusing the government of taking unilateral decisions.

The government has fixed Rs 3.85 million for MBBS students inside the valley and Rs 4.245 million outside the valley.

However, private colleges were found taking extra fees up to 5.5 million for MBBS.

The protests, starting from Gandaki Medical College gained extra momentum after students from Chitwan Medical College intensified their protests over the past weeks.