Private sector yet to obtain permission for PCR tests

Arrangement of PCR testing on private expenses has not yet materialized in Chitwan, which is popular as a medical city. Chitwan-based Bharatpur Hospital and Chitwan Medical College have possessed PCR testing laboratories. However, PCR tests are only being carried out at COVID-19 laboratory run by the government-owned Bharatpur hospital. The laboratory does not provide facility for those who wish to have their tests on private money. The privately-operated Chitwan Medical College has not yet obtained permission for PCR testing. Number of people wishing to have their corona virus tests is increasing day after another. Chief of District Health Office Deepak Tiwari said number of people wishing to test corona virus infection was immoderately high in the district lately. Granting permission for the operation of private laboratory would be useful in stemming the outbreak of COVID-19, stakeholders said. CMC chairperson and managing director Prof Dr Harishchandra Neupane voiced his complaint that the Ministry of Health has not yet granted permission though they had already set up the laboratory at the investment of Rs 54 million. All necessary preparation required for the laboratory operation has complete. “Everyday we are receiving more than 50 calls for PCR testing service”, CMC chair Neupane added. The CMC is waiting for permission from the ministry. Chairperson of Bharatpur Hospital Development Committee Dr Bhojraj Adhikari said they have also received number of mobile calls from people which are not specified in the government-enforced directive for PCR testing. “I will talk to the ministry about the issue”, he added