Procedure Started To Tie Up Pokhara And Upper Hutt City Of New Zealand

Nepalese Culture and Tourism Promotion Forum New Zealand has initiated to tie the sister relationship between the Pokhara Metropolitan City of Nepal and Upper Hutt City of Greater Wellington Region of New Zealand.

Thinking of the need of heightening the historical relationship between New Zealand and Nepal already alive in regard of Climbing Mt. Everest, the forum had made this initiation.  New Zealand’s civilian Sir Edmund Hillary was the first climber of Mt. Everest at first in the world which maintained the next of kin of each other Nation.

 “The already formed historical relation between two countries should be productive more to make it alive forever,” the President of Nepalese Culture and Tourism Promotion Forum New Zealand Dr. Ramil Adhikari said communicating to The Rising Nepal here. Dr. Adhikari is also the Tourism Ambassador for New Zealand appointed last year by the Nepal Government under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.

As the Nepalese Forum informed, the topic of tying sister relationship between both cities has been already discussed in the Upper Hutt City Council Meeting in the mid of this October.

“The Mayer of the City Wayne Guppy has agreed to undertake further procedures for the tie-up with Pokhara City, “President Dr. Adhikari said.  Besides, the formal communication with Mayer of Pokhara City Man Bahadur GC  also has been undergone through letters. The Foreign Affairs Focal Person of Pokhara Metropolitan Office, Laxman Timilsina said, as the procedure for a tie-up, the discussions with stakeholders are going on.    

The Sister Relationship between the Pokhara City of Nepal and the Upper Hutt City of New Zealand will promote the exchange and cooperation in areas of the economy, trade, tourism, and culture which will be fruitful to utilize the financial resources available in both cities for mutual benefit. 

Pokhara has already a sister relationship with cities with different countries including Komaganey of Japan, Linjhi of China, and so on.   

Source : TRN,