Prohibitory order issued in Mangalsen

The District Administration Office (DAO), Achham has issued a prohibitory order specifying various locations in the district headquarters Mangalsen. According to DAO administrative officer and information officer Dipesh Rijal, the order was implemented following a rising public protest over the death of one Binod Shahi of Panchadewal Binayak-4.

Some people have been arrested on the charge of their involvement in the death of Shahi and the rising public unrest against the incident had made an atmosphere for escorting them to a court challenge, suggesting a need to announce the prohibitory order for an indefinite period, it is said.

The order has been announced for the Achham Durbar area, areas surroundings the District Court, Office of District Attorney, Bairagi Dhara, local bus counter, Mangalsen municipality office, and the agricultural knowledge center.

The prohibitory order bans any sorts of protest programs in the target areas and the violation of the order is punishable by law, the DAO said. It may be noted that a clash ensued between locals of Panchadewal Binayak-4 and kin of Shahi who gathered at the district headquarters on Monday demanding justice for the victim and the police.

Twelve Nepal Police personnel and dozens of locals were injured in the clash. Shahi who had gone missing on July 1 was found dead on July 4.

The family alleges 13 people including Panchadewal’s mayor Ambika Chalaune, outgoing chair of Panchadewal -4, Sadan Bahadur Shahi, and Danamati Bam Shahi for their roles in the ‘killing’ of Shahi.

They have already filed an FIR against the accused and acting on the allegations, police have already arrested seven including the mayor while remaining six are on the run, the Achham police said. (RSS)