Proposal To Split Puthauttarganga Rural Municipality Stokes Dispute

Dispute has emerged with the entry of a third proposal while the assembly of Puthaiuttarganga rural municipality was discussing two proposals on splitting the rural municipality.

The municipal assembly saw a heated debate when the third proposal was registered demanding the split of the rural municipality into three centres. Discussion on the earlier proposal of breaking the rural municipality into two centres was held on 30 January 2021.

A new proposal was put forward to split the rural municipality into three taking convenience of the general public into consideration from geographical perspectives.

A proposal was presented to make Jamabagar a centre by pooling Uttarganga, Kole and Jang areas and develop Garghat a centre of Sungufa, Hukam and Maikot by keeping the existing centre.

The proposal was presented with support from chairperson and vice-chairperson of the rural municipality and the members of the executive committee.

Puthauttarganga rural municipality chair Om Prakash Gharti shared that the municipal assembly has remained undecided due to dispute after the presentation of third proposal.

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