Protect And Respect Nature: Actor Hamal

Actor Rajesh Hamal has urged one and all to protect environment and respect nature.
In a video message, he said that unless we respect nature, nature will not respect human beings back.
“Human behaviours, activities and structures are the cause of natural calamities and everyone has to be careful to their behaviours towards nature,” said the Superstar of Nepali filmdom.
Hamal also said that it was the misuse and over degradation of the environment which was causing natural disasters such as floods and landslides.
“Let’s protect the environment, let’s respect nature. At the same time, let’s lead our lifestyle and activities in a way that it does not disturb nature,” he said.
Actor Hamal has also requested public to extend their hands to help the flood-affected Nepalis in several districts, including Sindhupalchowk and Manang.
Sindhupalchowk and Manang were hard-hit by floods, destroying many houses and properties leading to lack of foods and shelter for the victims.
“While the country is fighting against the COVID-19pandemic, floods and landslides have added the burden. However, it is our duty as citizens to help each other during the difficult times and be determined in saving our nature,” said Hamal.

Source : TRN,