‘Provide Health Treatment To COVID-19 Infected Refugees At Par With Nepali Citizens’

The government has instructed the bodies concerned to provide cost-free PCR test and treatment for COVID-19 to the refugees from various countries.

Associate Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr Sameer Kumar Adhikari has urged the Province, local level, laboratories and hospitals concerned to provide PCR test and treatment for COVID-19 to the citizens come from various countries and staying in Nepal as refugees, on the basis of the refugee identity card.

The government has made arrangements for providing cost-free test and treatment at the government-owned laboratories and hospitals in case of showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

Foreigners from several countries including Bhutan have been living as refugees in Nepal.

So far, the number of people infected with coronavirus has reached 227 thousand 640 in the country and 209 thousand 435 have recovered while 1,412 have died of the infection.

Source : RSS,