Province 1 CM Acharya To Seek Vote Of Confidence On Sunday

Province 1 Chief Minister Bhim Acharya is preparing to seek vote of confidence in the Provincial Assembly on Sunday.
CM Acharya registered a proposal in the assembly on Friday to seek the vote of confidence.

Speaker Pradip Kumar Bhandari announced that the proposal of the Chief Minister would be tabled in the meeting on Sunday, and CM Acharya would face a vote of confidence on the same day.
According to a constitutional provision, the chief minister has to win a vote of confidence within 30 days of his/her appointment. However, the opposition parties have been criticising the UML government for not filing a proposal on a given timeframe.

If the vote of confidence is not passed by a majority votes in the assembly, the Chief Minister will be relieved of his post.
At least 47 votes are required for a majority in the 92-member provincial assembly. But UML has only 40 votes in the assembly.

Source : TRN,