Province Assembly to vote for name and permanent capital of the Province – 2

  • March 17, 2020

Province Assembly has been convened at 8 am today to finalize the name and permanent capital of the Province -2.

According to Speaker of Province, Saroj Kumar Yadav, the names and capital of the capital will be decided by secret ballot. He said MPs would be allowed 5 minutes time before the polls begin if they want to speak.

Yadav said, “The voting would be started as soon as the discussion was over,” adding, “all preparations have been made for this.”

Previously, the assembly has decided to retain Janakpurdham, the permanent capital of the province. However, there is no consensus on the name.

Four parties from the state have offered three different names. The ruling Samajwadi Party and RJPN have proposed the name of the province to be ‘Madhesh’, the CPN ‘Janaki’ and the Congress proposed the name ‘Mithila-Bhojpura’.

Earlier, a special committee was constituted under the chairmanship of Speaker Saroj Kumar Yadav from Province Assembly meeting to finalize the name and capital and to discuss the proposal.

The special committee also proposed to hold permanent capital Janakpurdham, but the names could not be agreed on.