Provinces, Local Levels Are Government’s Organs, Minister Says

Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration Ganesh Singh Thagunna has directed the government officials to carry out their jobs by considering that the provinces and local governments are the parts of Government of Nepal.

Marking the beginning of a weeklong orientation to the newly-appointed under secretaries of the government organised by the Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) on Monday, Minister Thagunna asked the officials not to have confusions as the province and local government’s policies, acts and laws are being prepared as per the federal policies, acts and laws.

The Minister also urged the officials to abide by laws and directed them to work for the prosperous Nepal.

Executive Director of NASC Dr Rajan Khanal and Ministry’s Secretary Yek Narayan Aryal and others asked the officials to best utilise their expertise in the changed context by upholding the dignity of bureaucracy.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,