Public Transport Fare Hiked Across Bagmati Province

The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Development of Bagmati has hiked the fare of public vehicles operating across Bagmati Province.
The ministry informed of the hike through a statement on Wednesday and stated that the new fare will be implemented from October 18.

According to the statement signed by the ministry’s secretary Ashok Kumar Shah, the fare of public vehicles operating in the province, other than the Valley districts, has been increased by 23 per cent.
The statement also states that a passenger shouldn’t be asked to pay more for carrying luggage or things up to 15 kg by the public transport operators. However, a passenger should pay an addition of Rs. 5 for one kilogram each up to an extra 10 kg if the luggage exceeds 15 kg. Similarly, the new fare for public vehicles operating in the Valley – Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur – has been set on the basis of kilometres travelled.

A public vehicle can charge Rs. 18 for a commute of up to five kilometres, Rs. 23 for up to 10 kilometres, Rs. 27 for up to 15 kilometres, Rs. 30 for up to 30 kilometres and Rs. 35 for a travel of more than 30 kilometres.
The fare in the Valley has been revised from the one set by the Transport Management Office three years ago.

A vehicle with authentication from the Vehicle Fitness Test Centre or Transport Management Office regarding deluxe services has been allowed to charge 20 per cent more than the set fare.
Public transport operators commuting within the Bagmati Province had been demanding for a hike in the fare for the past three months since the government increased the fare for long-route vehicles or the ones operating in more than one province. 

Source : TRN,