Pudasaini To Make Ramro Ma

CP Pudasaini, popularly known as ‘Dhature’, is one of the famous characters of the popular comedy series ‘Sakkigoni’.

Now Pudasaini has left Sakkigoni. He is now making a new comedy series ‘Ramro Ma’.

Pudasaini, who began his acting career from Kantipur Television, has already penned and directed telefilms like “Ke Jamana Aa”, “Kya Jamana Aa!!”, “Sitamol”.

Pudasaini is going to make “Ramro Ma” under the banner of Mata Pita Production.

He said that he has started a new series with the idea of ​​giving something new to the audience through his role and story.

Along with Pudasaini, Ram Chandra Adhikari, Keshav Sapkota, Melina Thakuri, Shiba Hari Nepal, Sonam Lama, Rupesh Mandal, Sitaram Shrestha, Sanu Bogati, Dipu Khadka, Pramod Khanal and others will do the new series.

The top song of the series features the voice of Rajesh Payal Rai, lyrics by Prakash Punj and music by Shashi Bikram Thapa.

He informed that the series would be written and directed by himself and it would be aired from coming May.

However, he said was yet to finalise the television channel that would air his comedy series.