Pursuit Of American Dream With Fake Documents Ends In Nightmare

The arrests of over half-a-dozen individuals over the past one month have shown that several Nepalis have forged their documents to apply for DV lottery in a bid to get a visa to the United States of America (USA).
The Metropolitan Crime Division arrested three individuals on Tuesday and six individuals in the first week of September.
“We arrested the individuals following information from the American Embassy that they found the certificates to be fake,” said Superintendent of Police (SP) Krishna Prasad Koirala.
SP Koirala, who is also the spokesperson for the Crime Division, further added that the American Embassy found the certificates to be fake after they sent them for verification to the concerned authorities.
According to the division, 31-year-old Nabin Darai of Chitwan, 32-year-old Shiva Rokka of Rautahat, and 36-year-old Jiban Karki of Chitwan were arrested from different places of Kathmandu on Tuesday based on the information.

Nabin and Shiva had forged the certificate of the Intermediate level and applied for the DV lottery of 2021. Jiban was arrested for charging Rs. 170,000 from Nabin to forge the document.
Likewise, on September 3, the division had arrested six other individuals for similar charges based on the information from the embassy.
“Sumit Ratna Gubhaju, 35, of Palpa; Amar Bahadur Katuwal, 35, of Morang; Naresh KC, 30, of Nawalparasi; Laxman Pathak, 33, of Nawalparasi; Deep Bista, 33, of Kavre; and Sohili Shahi, 23, of Kathmandu were arrested,” read a statement issued by the division on September 5.

The six individuals were arrested from Maharajgunj-based American Embassy and different places of Kathmandu. The individuals had forged their academic transcript of the Intermediate level.
“The American Embassy sends the applied documents for verification to concerned authorities of Nepal. They informed us when they found some were fake,” said SP Koirala.
The division has been searching for persons behind the forgery, too.At a time when several individuals are arrested on charges of document forgery, the police argued that the Nepali companies must also send the applied documents for verification.

“If a company requests, the concerned authority will assist them in checking whether the certificate is legitimate or not. Embassies and large companies do it, and that should be followed by other businesses and companies as well,” said SP Koirala.
Earlier, the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) had arrested several doctors on charge of pursuing MBBS degree using fake certificates.
Nepal Police informed that such cases of forgery can be lowered considerably if the submitted documents are sent for verification. 

Source : TRN,